NC deputies stand in for kids whose parents couldn’t be at dance

NC deputies stand in for kids whose parents couldn't be at dance. (Photo: Chatham County Sheriff's Office)

CHATHAM COUNTY, NC (WFMY) — Nearly 100 North Carolina elementary students recently attended their school’s first daddy-daughter/mother-son dance – but not all of them were able to attend with a parent.

That’s when a few deputies stepped up and onto the dance floor.

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The Chatham County deputies made sure the students would have someone to dance with, even if their mother or father couldn’t make it.

Donna Griffith, with the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, coordinated the event at Bonlee Elementary School.

“We wanted families to have a good time together, but we recognize that not all children live with their parents and not all parents are able to take off work to attend a school event,” she said.

Deputies said spending time with the students was the highlight of their week.

It was a great turnout and felt like something the kids really needed. School dances can feel a little awkward at first, but once the kids saw us out there being silly they knew it was OK for them to jump in,” said Deputy Jonathan Thomas. “I think it also gave parents the courage to let go and join in with us. If a deputy can show their playful side, so can they.”