Questions about workers’ future as Wilmington plant pulls plans to continue fumigation work

Royal Pest Solutions
The Royal Pest Solutions plant on Sunnyvale Drive in Wilmington. (Photo: Basil John/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While environmentalists are happy a facility in Wilmington will stop fumigation operations, what does that mean for the current employees?

Royal Pest Solutions and TIMA Capital sent letters to state regulators this week asking to withdraw a draft air permit and stop fumigation operations at the plant at 800 and 810 Sunnyvale Drive by April 10. That’s when they will be done fumigating the current inventory of logs.

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We reached out to the owner of TIMA Capital, which is taking over the property. He told WWAY by phone his main priority right now is to take care of his employees and vendors. He also said fumigation is not all they do and that they are generating new ideas in hopes of keeping all jobs.

The owner told us to call back in ten days when he’ll have a better idea on the plant’s next move.

The NC Department of Environmental Quality had planned to hold public hearings for the plant and another proposed in Columbus County due to concerns about the amount of methyl bromide they would emit. The Columbus County project is still on the table.