Teen applies to 20 top schools, gets full ride to all of them


(WTHR/CNN) — Micheal Brown is a stranger to rejection, at least when it concerns college acceptance letters.

The 17 year old from Houston applied to 20 of the best universities across the country and was admitted to every single one with a full ride. Plus, he was awarded $260,000 in additional scholarship offers, according to KPRC.

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When he received his first letter in December, he chose to open it at a friend’s house to take the pressure off his family.

“My family had high expectations and maybe didn’t realize how competitive the process is,” he told CNN.

Then 19 more letters came, all with the response of “yes.”

Of the 20 schools, his top 8 choices are as follows: Harvard, Princeton, Northwestern, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Georgetown and Vanderbilt.

Micheal said he’s interested in political science but may also double major in economics.