Town Hall on gun violence planned by local students


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Students from Cape Fear area schools will get together to talk to the rest of the community in a town hall, focusing on gun violence and what political leaders can do to help.

“Just have everyone listen to what people’s views are because we’re all living in this world together and we all just gotta listen to everybody’s views,” New Hanover High School student Kathryn Conlon said.

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A town hall in New Hanover County, to make these students thoughts heard and to listen to others as well. They took part in the March for our Lives and say they were inspired by what the students from Parkland Florida accomplished. They want to hold a town hall because they believe change will come as long as they keep at it.

“Every movement starts somewhere and change doesn’t happen overnight and it’s going to take a while for especially this type of change to happen. But we aren’t going to stop just because it’s only the beginning,” New Hanover High School student Ingrid Ericson said.

The students speaking at the town hall want to have an open conversation with the public and want to hear the other side of the argument. They also want to clear up any misunderstandings.

“A lot of people throw the term ‘we just want to take all guns away,’ which is completely untrue. We aren’t, from what I understand, we aren’t anti-gun. We’re anti-people being shot. I just want people to realize that we are open to conversation. that is why we are here,” Hoggard High School student Kaylyn Koone said.

Students contacted Representative David Rouzer to attend but he declined their invitation, something they are not pleased with.

“He’s not even talking to us face to face. he needs to see what’s going on and he needs to see that people are actually being affected by it and it’s not just some little game,” New Hanover High School student Starr Holcombe said.

Despite Rouzer’s absence, they hope their message and intentions come across.

The town hall starts at five tomorrow at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

We reached out to Rouzer’s office and we have not heard back but they told the StarNews on Monday, “the congressman will not be able to attend, however, he is more than happy to meet with students, as he does with many groups on a regular basis, in a private setting to discuss issues of concern.”