HISTORIC HOME TOUR: Register-Lawhorne House


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — One home on this year’s Azalea Festival Home Tour has a number of “earth friendly” features.

The Register-Lawhorne House is in Carolina Place, one of Wilmington’s original suburbs.

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This classic craftsman bungalow was built in 1919 as a rental house so it was pretty basic construction.

When Deborah Kaeser move here from San Francisco, she fell in love with the house and purchased it in 2005.

“The house was not in the greatest of shape, there were a lot of issues but it was perfect,” Kaeser recalled.

The kitchen features a corrugated steel backsplash and smaller appliances that fit nicely in the tight space.

Kaeser completely gutted the bathroom. She redesigned it with a walk-in shower and Japanese soaking tub.

She chose to use environmentally-friendly products like American Clay walls and insulation made from recycled blue jeans.

Deborah collects rainwater in large barrels and uses a foot-operated pump to spray water onto her backyard vegetable garden.

She’s also installed solar panels on the roof to reduce her power usage.

Perhaps, the neatest feature of her home is the front porch which overlooks Wrightsville Avenue.

“Look at this street, its just wonderful,” she said.

The Historic Wilmington Foundation’s Azalea Festival Home Tour runs Saturday, April 14 and Sunday, April 15. Click here http://ncazaleafestival.org/event/historic-home-tour/ for ticket information.