North Carolina one of 10 states where FEMA will embed with state authorities

Homes badly damaged, trees uprooted after storms in Greensboro. (Photo: Facebook/Marcus Orr)

WILMINGTON, NC (WTVD) —┬áThe footage showing destruction left by the weekend’s tornadoes takes your breath away.

Now, while communities in Wake and Guilford counties clear debris from affected homes and businesses, state authorities have a plan for dealing with future natural disasters: FIT, short for FEMA Integration Team.

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“We’re taking action,” FEMA administrator Brock Long told media Tuesday morning. “Innovative action. Moving personnel out of regional offices to embed them in state agencies. ”

North Carolina is the first of 10 states embedding FEMA workers with state emergency personnel.

Mike Sprayberry, the director of North Carolina Emergency Management, said the embeds represent an important step forward.

“We’re very excited about it,” Sprayberry said. “We think it’s gonna make North Carolina more a more resilient and responsive state.”

Governor Roy Cooper has reviewed the damage in Wake County but so far, there’s no announcement from him about possible assistance from Federal or state government.

However, Sprayberry said,” If they were here and already embedded with us, I think that you would see they’d be able to work with us, side by side.”

“The possibilities of where this team could go are great, and we may be inviting other state and federal agencies to become a little more expeditionary on blue sky days like today,” Long said. “It’s time for FEMA to be a part of the everyday discussion that goes on inside this facility and out in the field.”