Students, community gather for downtown march on anniversary of Columbine


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) –  Walkouts at local high schools were followed by a march Friday evening in downtown Wilmington.

Students we heard from say they are protesting because they do not feel safe going to school.

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A mixture of students parents and community members marched from the federal courthouse to market and front street peacefully protesting for more action on gun laws and school safety.

This march comes on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting.

Marchers talked about how the issue of school shootings should have been solved then and not be an issue nearly twenty years later.

“If we just make it a major topic for just a month and then drop it, nothing is going to happen,” said Vivian Hornstein who co-organized the march as well as the walkout at Hoggard High School earlier in the day. “We’re still going to have school shootings and we’re still going to have an issue with guns. And if we don’t keep addressing the issue then and constantly beg Congress to listen to us, if we don’t do that then they won’t. And at this point I am just so fed up with being terrified to go to school.”

Hornstein says even this past week she heard of potential school threats and felt unsafe.
She hopes lawmakers will hear them and do more to prevent school shootings.