Have you seen this grill? Grill stolen from local church


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — For two weeks now, Martha’s Kitchen in Carolina Beach has been without a key ingredient: their grill.

The grill was stolen from outside First Baptist Church by two men.

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Founder of Martha’s Kitchen, Bob Hodge, said surveillance footage showed the two men in a Chevy pickup truck cut the lock off the large grill, which was behind the church, and then drive off.

Hodge bought the stainless steel grill himself. He said it is necessary for all the meals they cook for those in need every week.

“We only have a residential kitchen in the church with two ovens,” Hodge said. “It’s impossible for the chef to prepare the number of meals that he needs to do on two stoves.”

Hodge said he is a forgiving man and just wants his grill back.

They serve hundreds of people on Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays.

Hodge is offering a reward of $500 for the recovery and return of the grill.