Girl nearly dies after swallowing pool water


BRADENTON, FL (WFLA/CNN) — Summer time is almost here and if you have little ones, drowning isn’t the only thing you need to watch out for.

A Florida mom says she could have lost her little girl, all from swallowing pool water.

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Elianna Grace, 4, was just having some weekend fun in grandma’s pool.

“Elianna was playing with a pool noodle. Someone would swim by and someone would spray her back when she wasn’t looking,” said Lacey Grace, Elianna’s mom.

Grace said innocent fun got really dangerous.

“She just happened to put her mouth on the noodle when someone else was picking it up to spray her and didn’t realize she was on the other end and pretty forcefully put the water down her mouth. She immediately threw up,” said Grace.

Within 20 minutes, Elianna seemed fine and went back to playing. It was four days later when she was running a fever and things got scary.

“She started shaking real bad. Her skin was purple. Her heart was racing. Her oxygen level was dropping,” said Grace.

Grace immediately got her daughter to urgent care.

“When the doctor came in, he was nervous, and you usually don’t see that on a doctor’s face,” said Grace.

The doctor said there was no time to waste and Elianna was rushed to the emergency room.

“They did a quick chest x-ray right away said, ‘yeah, her lungs are swollen, they’re infected, inflammation. She needs days worth of treatment.’ Aspiration pneumonia, she had chemical pneumonitis and perihilar edema,” said Grace.

After four terrifying days in the hospital, little Elianna is recovering and will be okay. Her mom is warning other parents.

“Be aware, you know your kid better than anybody else. So I knew something was wrong. I just didn’t realize it was going to be that bad,” said Grace.

The family racked up thousands of dollars in hospital bills. If you’d like to help, click here.