Humpday Health: Learn how to play pickleball at Wrightsville Beach


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A game that started as an improvised version of badminton is taking over the Cape Fear.

Pickleball lessons are now being offered by Wrightsville Beach Parks and Recreation.

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“Pickleball actually came down from the north and I think it’s been in town for maybe 5 years,” instructor Jackie Jenkins said.

Pickleball combines tennis, badminton, and ping-pong into one game. It may be easier to play than those sports for retirees or those affected by injury.

“People that have had injuries in the past or can’t run a full tennis court anymore, it’s a new lease on life for them because it’s just a great, fun game,” Jenkins said.

The court is about half the size of a regulation tennis court. The player uses a paddle to hit a wiffleball over a short net.

Jenkins says the strategy is much different than tennis.

“It’s more playing at the net, volleying more. You play a few shots at the back because you gotta remember, the ball doesn’t bounce as high as a regular tennis ball,” Jenkins said.

If you’ve caught the pickleball itch after two weeks of lessons, you can come back to Wrightsville Beach each week for free play.

“On tuesdays and thursdays, I believe they come out from about 9 (a.m.) to 11 (a.m.). They may come out a little bit earlier in the summer since it’s hot,” Jenkins said.

The lessons cost $60 for Wrightsville Beach residents and $70 for non-residents.