NOAA: April was the coldest in more than 20 years for many

April 2018 was warmer than average for 6 states and much colder than average for 22 with 2 being record cold. (Photo: NOAA NCEI Climate/Twitter)

(CNN) — If April seemed unusually chilly to you — that’s because it was.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that last month was the coldest April in more than two decades for the contiguous United States.

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NOAA tweeted that just six states had warmer than average weather in April, but it was much colder than normal in 22 states with two – Iowa and Wisconsin – experiencing record cold.

The average temperature for the contiguous US was 48.9 degrees — about two degrees below the 20th century average. That amounts to the coldest April since 1997 and the 13th coldest on record.

Interestingly enough, Alaska was one of the states that had a warmer than average April.