CFPUA looks at adding $46M filtration system on your dime, at first


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — GenX and Fluoride are both major concerns when it comes to water in the area.

“We wanted to make sure that our customers knew what we knew and when we knew it,” Cape Fear Public Utility Authority Executive Director Jim Flechtner said.

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The board said they’ve spent almost $2 million to deal with GenX so far. They also discussed the possibility of a $46 million granulated activated carbon filtration system. They have filed a lawsuit against Chemours to pay for the system, but initially, the cost may fall on customers.

“We will need to move forward with the plant before this lawsuit is resolved. So in that case, our customers will initially be paying for that, but again we don’t believe that something they should be paying for, which is why we are taking the legal action,” Flechtner said.

As for the recent Fluoride incident, a mechanical malfunction allowed a high amount of fluoride to enter the water. CFPUA agreed to give affected customers a $5 credit.

“Our customers were inconvenienced by what happened at the nano-plant with the fluoride overdose. And this is just a recognition to them that they may have had to go out and use bottled water and that they were inconvenienced by this and it’s a small way we can show our appreciation for the inconvenience that they went through,” Flechtner said.

CFPUA is working on new short term and long term systems to make sure this doesn’t happen again.