Lawmakers begin negotiations for GenX research funding


RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) – The return to Raleigh for lawmakers also means a return to tough issues like where funding should go to understand the chemicals that contaminate the Cape Fear River such as GenX.

New Hanover County Representative Ted Davis along side other local lawmakers sat down with state Senators this afternoon.

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They touched on an array of budget funding issues, GenX included.

Back when Davis and the house passed a Genx research bill in January he says the Senate ripped it up and never asked for house input.

He sees the beginning of these negotiations as a key step to move forward.

“It is a good, positive feeling. Because once again both sides are talking and there are certain things that the House wants that the Senate might not agree to, there’s certain things the Senate wants that the House might not agree to,” said Davis who chairs the House Select Committee on River Quality, “So what we’re doing is we’re trying to reach an agreement that we can live with and everybody can go forward with.”

Davis was joined by other local legislators from the River Quality committee as well as Senators from that chambers similar committee.  He would prefer to keep in place the funding requests the House made in January, but understands that could change.

The short session normally encompasses two months of budget debate in the General Assembly. Davis expects the key topics for funding will range from education, school safety, prisons, as well as water quality surrounding GenX.