Wildlife expert warns of snake sightings, dog bit by copperhead

Dog bitten by snake. Different snake found in family's yard last year (Photo: Tracy Swanson/WWAY)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The weather has warmed up and more people are out in their yards, but you might not be alone. Several people have recently shared their experiences with snakes and bears on social media in our area.

“They’re scary,” Tracy Swanson said after her dog was bit by a snake.

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Swanson said a copperhead bit their dog, Tanner after he spotted and ran straight towards the snake in their yard. The snake struck and left Tanner with bites on his paw, nose and chest. The family immediately took Tanner to the vet. Now Tracy is even more cautious.

“I’m always looking around on the ground, you don’t know and I just don’t want anyone to get bit by them,” Swanson said.

North Carolina is home to six different venomous snakes, but most common is the copperhead. North Carolina Wildlife Officer Clayton Ludwick said not all snakes are bad and to be prepared to see them more often as the weather continues to warm up.

“Everything is coming out this time of year. It is the warm weather, it’s just like humans in the winter time, you’re in the house it’s cold. In the summer time you’re out, want to move around it’s the same thing in the animal world,” Ludwick said.

Ludwick said in most cases snake bites are non-life threatening but they do need to be treated. Luckily for Swanson, her dog Tanner is recovering just fine.

NC Wildlife said bears have been seen recently as well and to also be on the look out for gators, more deer and coyotes. If you see a snake NC Wildlife said do not panic, back away and don’t touch them.