Shrimp boat makes it off Holden Beach, heads back to sea

Big Earl gets towed out to sea. (Photo: Michael Staley)

HOLDEN BEACH, NC (WWAY) — It’s taken a week, but a shrimp boat that was stuck on Holden Beach has finally made it back out to sea.

They finally pulled it off the beach around 11 a.m. Thursday morning.

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A boat called the “Aqua Quest” out of Tarpon Springs, Florida actually towed Big Earl.

Boat Captain Virgil Coleman says he feels very relieved.

He’s watching to see if Big Earl leaks and has a pump to remove water.

He’s heading to Southport to take it out of the water and to make necessary repairs.

Coleman says he would like to say thank you very much to the people of Holden Beach for all their help and he doesn’t think he would have made it without their help.