March For Our Lives students react to Texas shooting


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas marks the 22 school shooting where someone was hurt or killed so far this year.

“It’s a chronic problem in the United States,” March For Our Lives member, Emiko Andrews said.

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“It’s happening over, and over, and over,” March For Our Lives member, Kaylyn Koone said.

Deadly school shootings are sweeping our nation and local students are tired of it.

“Of course sadness,” Koone said. “And usually the response would be shock but it’s starting to not be shock anymore.”

Wilmington’s March For Our Lives members, who are local high school students, say enough is enough.

“We need to have to have discussions because I think the time to act has passed,” Andrews said. “There have been too many deaths.”

The two students say they do not feel safe in school anymore.

“I do until we have a fire drill. Until we have a lock down drill. Until there’s a loud noise. Until there’s an SRO walking quickly through the halls,” Koone said. “I feel safe when I forget that I’m in immediate danger going to a public or any school.”

“Not enough is being done to keep us safe in schools,” Andrews said. “And I feel like it’s just too easy for these kinds of attacks to happen.”

The local chapter of March For Our Lives was created after the Parkland Florida shooting. Their goal, to push lawmakers across the state to make change.

“You need to step up,” Koone said.

“Something needs to be done. And you worry that this can happen at your school. You worry that this could happen in your town or to your friends,” Andrews said.

Although the group has not had time yet to make a statement on the latest shooting, the students say they hope they can make a difference moving forward.