Rainy weather impacts Memorial Day weekend

Wrightsville Beach on Memorial Day (Photo: Kirsten Gutierrez/WWAY)

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The wet and gloomy weather had an impact on the final day of Memorial Day sales at Wrightsville Beach in various ways.

“It’s been a little steady,” Sweetwater Surf Shop, Spencer Lem said. “There’s definitely people around still in town and stuff like that. But it’s definitely not as much foot traffic down at the beach today.”

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While the rainy Monday was slower than usual for some stores like Sweetwater Surf Shop, it was busy for others like Jimmy’s at Red Dogs.

“I thought it would but it hasn’t. If anything it might be bringing them in here opposed to staying on the beach,” Jimmy’s at Red Dogs Owner, Jimmy Gilleece said.

Gilleece said this Memorial Day weekend was record breaking.

“Been off the charts,” Gilleece said. “It’s been way up from last year. Everyday kind of surprised me with the amount of traffic we got coming in and out.”

While the holiday might not have been as busy as years past, Lem said overall it was good for business.

“I think Sunday was the busiest day overall, especially because we were open in a shorter amount of time. I think a lot of people saw that Monday’s forecast wasn’t great with the tropical storm weather coming through,” Lem said. “A lot of people crammed in more beach time on Sunday so it caused us to be a lot busier.”

As for other businesses in Wrightsville Beach like Redix and Wings, both stores said it was an overall busy weekend but today had a slow start.

King Neptunes Restaurant & Bar said it was slammed everyday including today.