Seahawks super fan brings energy to UNCW


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — From every strikeout, to every home run, Michael Barnes has seen it all.

The Seahawks super fan has been at every contest for UNCW this baseball season, cheering on his team and helping them any way he can.

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“If we can influence one pitch or one at bat I think we can call it a success,” Barnes said. “No matter what, we have a good time out there at the field, before, after or during the game. That’s really what it’s all about, we’re out there having a good time”

When you look at Barnes, you can see the passion he has for the school. A graduate of UNCW over a decade ago, his love for the team in teal came about during the great Brett Blizzard era.

“Going to a game at Trask that was always sold out had great enthusiasm from the fans,” Barnes said. “Me and some buddies tried to bring that to Brooks Field. It’s worked out pretty well. The baseball program has been very successful in that time frame.”

But his cheering doesn’t just stop at Brooks.

He’s made stops at Arizona State, Northeastern and even the most recent CAA championships at James Madison, watching the team he loves win the conference title and a spot in the NCAA’s.

“Probably a lot of people didn’t expect the Seahawks to be here, but this fan base is definitely a passionate fan base and never lost faith throughout the season.” Barnes said.

That faith stays strong now heading into the regionals in Greenville.

“You know what, the Hawks are hot right now,” Barnes said. “I think they can compete with any other team they’re playing. You saw them compete with ECU, one run games this season, no reason they can’t beat them on Friday and then move on from there.”

Throughout the season, there has been fans to join Barnes to form the Screaming Seahawks, but he says there’s always room for more.

“Hey Seahawk Nation, it’s a short drive to Greenville, NC,” Barnes said. “It’s not the most fun town to be in but it’s going to be fun this Friday night at 7 p.m. It doesn’t get better than that. UNCW vs. ECU, #1 vs. #4 in the regionals. Go Seahawks.”