AG Josh Stein discusses bill to tackle rape kit backlog


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Attorney General Josh Stein had a busy day in Wilmington Thursday.

Stein has been behind the Rape Evidence Collection Kit Tracking Act and said it is working to tackle the thousands of untested kits. Stein said the bill aims to accomplish four things, complete the untested kits, make sure it doesn’t happen again, in the future submit all kits directly to the state crime lab and implement a tracking system.

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WWAY asked him what he thought of the recent comments made about him from Republican Senators and he said it goes back to funds.

Stein said there is 15,000 untested kits and to outsource them it would cost the state about $10 million.

“We need that money to outsource the kits. There is no getting around that, so anybody can finger point all they want but that doesn’t do anything to solve the problem today, which is how can we bring justice to more victims. And that means we have to test these kits and that requires resources and unfortunately the legislature failed to appropriate any money for this effort,” Stein said.

Stein said he thinks police departments moving forward should submit kits that are filled to the state crime lab.