Local crisis counselor talks suicide warning signs


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With more and more news of suicide and attempted suicide, local crisis counselor Twyna Bell joined WWAY in-studio for a live interview during WWAY News at 7:30 Tuesday.

Bell talked about some things to look for that could mean someone is in trouble.

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“Some of the warning signs are feelings of hopelessness, a depressed mood, that’s really a big one,” counselor Twyna Bell said. “A change in routine for example, you may have someone that is all of a sudden they want to give away their gifts, things that mean a lot to them. They just want to give those to other people, change in appetite, asking questions about suicide, how would you commit suicide if you were to make that happen for yourself.”

If you are considering suicide yourself or have questions, are in distress, or need confidential help the number of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is (800) 273-8255.

Counselors are available 24 hours a day.