Carolina Beach may build deck to fix ‘parking deficit’


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A parking deck could be in the future for Carolina Beach.

Town Council is looking at the public-private partnership to build a deck in the downtown central business district.

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With summer in Carolina Beach comes beautiful beach weather, hot doughnuts, and concerts. But unless you come early, finding a spot can be a challenge.

“Right now, we have a parking deficit,” Town Manager Michael Cramer said.

Because of that, Cramer says the town is looking to build up as an option.

“A potential development of a multi-use facility,” Cramer said. “Something that would have either commercial or residential in it along with parking deck.”

It would be built in the town-owned property between Harper Avenue, Carl Winner Avenue, Canal Drive and Myrtle Street.

“Our current parking lots hold about 150,” Cramer said. “We want to try to double that just for public parking. If the development needed 50 parking spaces, they would need to supply us 400 so they can meet their needs and our needs.”

The proposal still has a long way to go though. First, council is looking for area companies to do a pre-development study.

In the mean time, the project is something Michelle Simmons hopes actually happens.

“They need it,” Simmons said. “They should get it, because this is bad.”

Cramer says they have also heard some push back.

“The main concern seems to be, ‘We don’t want to become Myrtle Beach. We don’t want high rises and lots of huge development.’ The town staff, nor the council really want that, but we want to be able to meet the demand that we have for parking right now,” Cramer said.

As the town continues to grow, this possibility is still up in the air.

At their meeting Tuesday night, council will look at proposals from area companies to do the study.

Cramer says they would then have a year to complete it.