Creating a culture of confidence at DREAMS of Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Every day, there’s a non-profit in our area working to teach kids arts and confidence.

DREAMS of Wilmington started more than 20 years ago and offers various programs for youth development through the arts. The program specifically targets youth living in poverty.

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The goal of DREAMS is to create high-quality, free-of-charge programs where youth in need can receive the benefits of a top-notch arts education.

Children involved with DREAMS are known as DREAMers and are taught youth entrepreneurship, leadership skills, how to make plans for their academic future and about giving back to the community.

This summer, DREAMS is offering multiple summer camps. Because many children miss out on going to camp due to financial reasons, DREAMS offers an opportunity for you to donate to help a camper here.

There are also opportunities to invest in a child’s life through a sponsorship. $1500 sponsors a child at DREAMS for an entire year, $500 gives 140 children healthy snacks for two weeks and $150 provides one art class with all the supplies they need for a semester.

To learn more about DREAMS, click here.