Necklace found in sand NC beach holds special meaning


A beach-goer found something unusual in the sand on Atlantic Beach. Now, police are trying to get it back to its owner.

“I know if I was in that situation and I was missing something like that I’d be heartbroken,” said Noelle Sizemore, who found the necklace near Atlantic Circle on Saturday.

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“It’s a silver canister with a screw on top with a beaded chain and a gold sliding piece over the top of it and contains what appears to be ashes of some sort.”

The Atlantic Beach Police Department gets lost belongings all the time. However, Chief Jeffrey Harvey said this was one of the most strange things found on the beach.

“It’s quite a few things, primarily during the summertime, but its a year-round thing. people come out to the beach, they’ll sit down, things will fall out of their pocket,” Harvey said.

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