Fireworks store near NC-SC line doing big business ahead of the 4th


LITTLE RIVER, SC (WWAY) — The parking lot at a fireworks store just over the border in South Carolina was packed Tuesday afternoon. As you could probably guess, there were plenty of cars with North Carolina license plates there.

Stateline Fireworks is in Little River, a stone’s throw away from the North Carolina border.

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The store’s owners say this week is their busiest of the year and 50 percent of their sales come from people in North Carolina.

Employee Fred Smith says some people choose to have July 4th parties at home rather than deal with crowds. He says the store is happy to provide the entertainment.

“You have a lot of people that come in that have individual parties, the neighborhood groups,” Smith said. “They buy a lot just for their neighborhood, show off. I don’t know, it’s just become a trend, I guess people love to shoot off firecrackers on the Fourth of July.”

Employees say buying those fireworks in South Carolina is perfectly legal for those over the age of 16. If you bring them back into North Carolina, many that shoot up into the air like bottle rockets and roman candles are illegal to set off without a proper permit.