Sergei Foundation opens coastal chapter to help save pets’ lives


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Sergei Foundation is a North Carolina non-profit committed to saving the lives of family pets and is expanding to Brunswick and New Hanover counties.

Since being founded in Winston-Salem in 2009, the foundation has helped more than 600 families and raised thousands of dollars.  It’s primary focus is to obtain critical  veterinary care and to avoid unnecessary euthanasia or surrender of pets to shelters or rescues.

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Founder Karen Fullerton says the group is a state-wide organization already, and is now ready to serve Brunswick and New Hanover Counties.

The Sergei Foundation’s programs are unique. Most other rescues or welfare non-profits do not provide funding for pet care once the animal has been adopted and labeled a “companion pet.” If they do it is minimal and does not typically cover diagnostics. The foundation fills these gaps so pets are not left to suffer inhumanely at home without treatment, are surrendered to over-crowded shelters, or are euthanized due to lacking finances.

If you would like to volunteer or need assistance, visit their website here, contact them on Facebook or email