Remembering heroes by running for the fallen


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Thousands of miles traveled but still more to go. America’s Run for the Fallen is making it’s way through North Carolina.

Today they ran along Highway 17 while shouting the names of many fallen heroes. For Patricia Stave, the trip from Arkansas was worth the few seconds to remember her son.

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“Just when I saw the runners coming through and I could just tell that they did care and they put a lot of effort into this. It made my heart feel good,” Stave said.

America’s Run for the Fallen was set up by the organization, Honor and Remember. The run started on April 7th and is set to end on August 5th. For now, they ended the day in Bolivia.

“For the last 108 days, we have been calling out those names from California through. This is our eighteenth state now with North Carolina,” Honor and Remember founder George Lutz said.

Lutz also said yelling out these names is just one of the ways to recognize those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

“To recognize individually, those men and women who gave their lives is very powerful. To speak a name out loud, it’s one thing to hold it inside our hearts, but to speak it out loud takes on a whole different expression and emotion,” Lutz said.

For runners like Christopher Dawson, the run could be difficult. But when he sees one of the families, that pain he feels becomes nothing.

“Their family member. Their son, daughter, husband, wife. It makes no difference where in the country they’re being honored. They’re willing to make the distance, the sacrifices to be here, for the sacrifices that one had made,” Dawson said.

There is still a way to go until they reach Arlington National Cemetery but they encourage anyone to come out during their journey. They also encourage those who want to, to come out and help make the run and call out the names of the fallen heroes. If you want to watch them live as they travel up to Arlington National Cemetery, click here.