North Carolina DMV announces more steps to tackle overload

A driver waits at the counter of a DMV office. (Photo: Jenna Kurzyna/WWAY)

RALEIGH, NC (AP) – The NC Division of Motor Vehicles is announcing more steps to address crowded driver license offices and long wait times.

The changes, listed in a news release Tuesday, include sending staff to the busiest offices and having call centers help customers find nearby offices with available appointments. Also, DMV will direct staff to talk with customers in line to ensure they have the correct paperwork and see if they can do their business online.

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DMV said it would establish dedicated road test teams so examiners can stay at their desks. It will create express lines for customers who have quick transactions in offices with available space.

The division is also working to hire more than 100 new license examiners, including filling 80 vacancies and adding 34 temporary and permanent examiners.

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