Community council discusses gentrification in Wilmington

Community council discusses gentrification (Photo: Andrew James/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Losing the face of a neighborhood to growth is on the minds of those on Wilmington’s Northside.

Wednesday night the Voyage Community Council members held a meeting to discuss the impact it is having on their neighborhood.

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Council members say gentrification is creeping into the Northside.

They’ve launched a campaign going door to door and focus groups to hear from neighbors about the impacts it is having, including increasing real estate values.

The council met Wednesday to talk about a plan to send a report from their research to find a way to help those impacted by it, and are working to address the need to help residents who may be displaced from development.

“People are very concerned and one of the reasons they are concerned is that it is very difficult to transition from one location where you have been use to having low income to a whole nother location where you are that is requiring to have credit checks requiring that no one in your household has a criminal background, making sure that you have three times the income, you know it’s a scary transition,” Voyage Community Council member Abdul-Hafeedh Bin-Abdullah said.

The council is holding one last focus group session Thursday night around 6 p.m. at the Housing Community Development Office along Nixon Street in the Taylor Homes complex.