CVS pulls powdered Enfamil baby formula off shelves nationwide

Enfamil Newborn powder (Photo: MGN Online)

(ABC News) — CVS is pulling all powered Enfamil baby formula off its shelves pending an internal review.

This comes after a mother claims was tampered with.

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While the seal on the outside of the tub was completely intact, she says the seal on the bag inside the container was broken. The manufacturers of Enfamil say they do their best to make sure their products are tamper proof.

“Anyone who’s not 100% familiar with formula may have made a really bad mistake,” Alison Denning, a mother, said. “I’m very relieved that they’re taking this seriously.”

Enfamil says this is an “isolated incident” and haven’t had any other reports of flour for this particular batch of formula.

The company is urging anyone who purchased their products to check the appearance of the package. Enfamil says even differences that may be minor could be meaningful. If you’re ever unsure, call their hotline on the back of the product.

CVS says this is a temporary situation and that employees can help customers find a good alternative for the meantime.