The Topsail Pirates are the 5th Quarter Team of the Week


HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY SPORTS) – They have beaten their two in county rivals by double digits. For two years in a row now, the Topsail Pirates have run the county and this year they have their eyes on even bigger prizes.

“We’ve got a better football team this year than we had last year,” said head football coach Wayne Inman. “I think we’ve got more depth. I think all of our players knock on wood are healthy.”

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A healthy Topsail team winning by double digits against in county opponents in the last two weeks. Junior tail back Noah Lavalle already has more than 300 yards on the ground.

“I just can’t wait for the Hanovers and Hoggard,” said Lavalle. “Those are the teams that are really going to test us this year. So I am really, really looking forward to those games.”

Topsail taking the field as they host in county rival Trask. (WWAY SPORTS)

If you ask any Topsail player on either side of the ball, they’re hungry. They have every reason to be. It’s a carbon copy of where this team was a year ago. However, these upperclassman are hardened and see the momentum in the conference swinging.

“I think we have more talent in the backfield this year a healthy running back and like you said not a lot of injuries at all,” said defensive captain Brock Dempsey.

In the off season that was not the case. Lavalle tore his meniscus wrestling and the road to recovery looked long.

“I wasn’t even supposed to play in the first five games.”

He beat those odds same as he has beat up each defense this season.

“We’re being able to execute what we’re trying to do right now,” said Coach Inman. “I think the kids understand the concepts on both sides of the football so we are looking forward to the things that are ahead of us.”

What’s ahead is two more weeks in non conference play, but the leaders on this 5th Quarter team of the week are looking forward to those big ticket match-ups.

“I feel like we can be conference champions this year if we play our best every single game,” said Dempsey.

The Pirates will head up the county line to face Dixon this week.