Students and police react to attempted abduction


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It was a moment that could have ended a lot worse for one UNCW student. According to a report from the school, a student was walking on Wood Dale Drive to her classes just before 9:00 a.m, when a black sedan pulled up next to her. A man got out of the vehicle and opened the rear passenger door. She managed to get away from the attempted abduction and the two men drove off.

Deputy Chief John Cunningham says this isn’t the only case and they’re on high alert.

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“We’ve had two incidents that we’re currently investigating. But we wouldn’t say it’s a pattern but obviously when you have any type of incident like this, there’s cause for concern,” Cunningham said.

However, students like Quinn Herring are worried about other people in the community and says her own friends have had close calls too.

“They were also terrified and you just never think it’s going to happen to you. So I think that’s the most nerve wracking thing. Is that you think you’re with your dogs or you think you’re at your home, you think everything is okay and then this happens and it’s just the least expected thing and it just rattles you,” Herring said.

She’s not the only one who was worried.

“It is pretty annoying not feeling comfortable like A, on a college campus you know and just being able to go out and not have to worry about somebody either following you or anything like that and I also would like to feel comfortable like walking outside by myself,” UNCW student Kaileen Krainia said.

Now the police and students are asking others to watch out and be vigilant as they investigate this case. Wilmington Police and University Police are working together to find a black sedan with chrome wheels and tinted windows. There were two men in the car, one with blonde hair and both in their 20s. If you have any information, call WPD or UPD.