New Brunswick Co. program to get rid of dilapidated homes


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Home is where the heart is in Brunswick County.

Leaders are trying to find ways to keep the area looking its best as more people look to live in the area.

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“The benefits are that it will be helpful to the public or the neighborhood from property value stand point,” said County Planning Director Kirstie Dixon. “From a property crime stand point… from a perception view point as well…as well as from tourism to improve Brunswick County.”

The program is strictly voluntary and requires that the residence have an active violation case related to an oridnance, code or nuisance.

The average cost of mobile home removal $2,500 and wood framed structure is $5,700.

But, although some homes may look tattered from the outside, some people say the homes still have history.

George Irving, who has lived on the same street all his life and owns a dilapidated building on his property says these aren’t just old buildings.

“[This building] was a weight station that used to pick up cucumbers, cotton, any kind of merchandise like that on the train station and it went from Wilmington to Bolivia to Southport so it was called WBS railroad line.”

Brunswick County has 32 homes that they have already planned to begin work on by the end of the year.