Conditions improving in Carolina Beach, but no word on bridge reopening


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — It has been almost 10 Hours since the last update this morning and we have much more positive news.  The rain finally slowed about 10 am and allowed the storm water systems to catch up.  In Carolina Beach, we have seen additional properties gaining power back to their homes.  All roads have been cleared of debris, cable and phone lines, however several powerlines will still disrupt traffic.  The greatest challenges ahead for Carolina Beach remain the power supply, availability of potable water and the continued stormwater and tidal flooding in town.

Unfortunately damage to any private property is concerning and we are working with Kure Beach to get our residents and businesses back to their properties as soon as it is safe for ALL residents of the Island.  The Wastewater Treatment Plant continues to be stressed due to the stormwater infiltration from the rain event – we are hopeful that the plant will catch up during the night and this is one of the many considerations for our return decision.

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Both communities will meet at 7 am tomorrow morning to verify the status of power, sewer and water system issues and make a decision on re-entry.

Communication Issues are improving.  With the restoration of power – both AT&T and Verizon systems are much better – not as good as we normally experience – but way better than we have been dealt with recently.  Town Offices will not be open tomorrow – as many of our personnel are still working on storm damage initiatives and many are on the other side of the high water from Wilmington with many of our residents reading this message.

The Police Department continues to STRONGLY ENFORCE the curfew for the citizens who remained during the storm and will be augmented during the night by additional Law Enforcement personnel as needed.  With the restoration of power – the Emergency Team asks that all people please comply with this curfew – as our citizens that cannot currently return are expecting their property to be protected. There remain no reports of looting to law enforcement or emergency services in either Carolina or Kure Beach at this time and we fully expect none to occur with our augmented Law Enforcement presence.  PLEASE do not listen to rumors regarding this issue.

FOR THOSE WHO EVACUATED – travel is extremely hazardous and NOT RECOMMENDED.  The best way to identify available routes into the Wilmington area is to go the following NCDOT site . If you are within New Hanover County – stay where you are tonight – we will update you tomorrow morning after our 7am meeting with Kure Beach.  THE BRIDGE WILL NOT BE OPENED TONIGHT – Town leadership will be meeting with Kure Beach tomorrow morning at 7am to re-evaluate this decision.

NOTE – there are extreme issues throughout the area regarding gasoline, power and food that you should review as you plan your return in the future.  DO NOT start the trip until you know that your route is safe and passable.   Additionally, with the supply issues that are occurring in the county, and the possible issues of re-supplying the area with cresting rivers on all major routes into the area, you should bring supplies for a significant period of time.  Do not count on the supplies at your home – as they may be compromised.  Remember that for Carolina Beach, you will need a 2018 Town Identification Card for Resident or proof of residence or ownership to get one at Masonboro Commons once the bridge is opened for resident return.

For those who stayed – if you do not have supplies (food especially) for 2-3 days – you should begin conserving them as we may not have support on this issue.

Stay safe and do not drive through any standing water – as this can be a deadly situation.  The entire Emergency Management Team wants you back to your property as soon as we can safely get you there – and we are working to rapidly resolve all remaining issues.