County shuts down North Brunswick shelter, improves conditions at others

North Brunswick High School (Photo:

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Even though Hurricane Florence has passed many people are still staying in area shelters and will be there for some time.

WWAY received several complaints about issues at the North Brunswick High School shelter. Complaints like no showers, no cots, no running water, and a smell of feces.

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Brunswick County Board of Commissioners Chairman Frank Williams says he is aware of the complaints.

The North Brunswick High School shelter will be shut down and the other shelters will be improved.

“One of the things they’re doing is putting in some showers, some sort of a shower facility at the shelters that will remain open, because I think that would probably be in everyone’s best interest,” Williams said. “I certainly felt better when I was able to get a shower after the storm. That’s one thing, trying to make sure we get them to shelters that have better power. We’ve been having some power issues at this one I believe.”

Williams says everyone at the North Brunswick shelter will be transported to South or West Brunswick.