FUTURE STORMS: Mayor says things need to be done differently


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo says leaders hope to close the shelter at Hoggard High School by Tuesday, but only if a new location can be found.

WWAY spoke with Saffo after he joined Gov. Roy Cooper to tour downtown Wilmington businesses Friday morning.

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Saffo said things need to be done differently for future storms and shelters and evacuation procedures in New Hanover County need to be better prepared.

“In the future, five shelters is not going to get it for a city and an area of this size,” Mayor Saffo said. “The accessibility of being able to get people out of here if we have to do a mandatory evacuation. Are there going be shelters further inland?”

Saffo says another major issue for next time is to be better prepared with fuel staged for after the storm.