Father says he found mold in kid’s Capri Sun pouch


COLUMBUS, IN (WRTV/CNN) — A father says he discovered mold in a Capri Sun pouch that he was going to give to his 3-year-old last month.

“And I went to grab a couple, and there’s one just seemed off,” Cameron Hardwick said.

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He was concerned as he videotaped this that something did not feel right.

“So as you can see I don’t know what that is, some kind of mold,” he said in the recording.

Hardwick made the discovery last month. He called the manufacturer, Kraft, which he says identified the substance as mold caused by micro puncture.

The product has faced similar issues in the past. On the Capri Sun website, the company details why mold can end up in a juice pouch.

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