Officer lectures 11-year-old boy who pulled out a BB gun


OHIO (ABC Action News) — In a state that has had instances of young black men being shot by police while handling a BB gun, one officer in Ohio was thankful he did not pull the trigger on an 11-year-old he spotted carrying a BB gun.

According to the Columbus Division of Police, Officer Peter Casuccio was dispatched to a scene on Saturday to a gun run. When he arrived, Casuccio found an 11-year-old carrying a BB gun as he was walking with a 13-year-old companion.

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At the scene, Casuccio expressed his frustration that he nearly shot the unidentified 11-year-old. The exchange was captured on Casuccio’s police-issued body camera.

“This is getting kids killed all over the country,” Casuccio said.

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