Baby Trump blimp coming to Wilmington

Trump Baby Blimp inflated (Photo: Andrew Potter / Twitter)

WILMINGTON, NC (StarNews) — A famous balloon depicting President Donald Trump as a baby in diapers will fly over the Port City next week.

Women Organizing for Wilmington (WoW) received the 20-foot-tall balloon and will inflate it over the group’s Pearls to the Polls Rally at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater on Oct. 27, group president Lynn Shoemaker said.

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“We made a commitment to resist and to organize women and to encourage women to run (for office) and to turn women out to the polls,” she said.

The balloon, which first flew over London on July 13 in protest of Trump’s visit to England, depicts the president as an angry orange baby clutching a smartphone — a reference to the president’s frequent use of Twitter.

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