Duke Energy sends out estimated bills, says customers can wait to pay


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — If you are a Duke Energy customer, you could see something different about your bill this month. A Duke Energy spokeswoman says there are around 250,000 customers who could be affected.

Duke Energy is sending out an estimated bill to some customers for September. That’s because the power company could not get to several areas after Hurricane Florence to read meters.

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The utility came up with estimates based on a customer’s usage from the previous month and year. But Paige Layne, a Duke Energy spokeswoman, says you do not necessarily have to pay this bill.

“We’re required to send bills every month. But we send that estimated bill so customers don’t get a two-month bill. Because 60 days worth of energy usage can result in a pretty high bill that a customer may not be able to pay all at once,” said Layne.

Layne says the next bill customers get will be for September and October. She says people can pay now, and that will act as a credit towards the accurate bill, or they can wait to pay the two months together.