Rival team drives hours to support New Hanover High after Florence


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — There’s nothing quite like the spirit of sportsmanship. One set of athletes reached out a helping hand to one school in our area.

Athletes from Crest High School traveled for more than six hours to New Hanover High School to bring donations for students impacted by Hurricane Florence. Crest High lost to New Hanover’s baseball team for the state championship but Crest High School football player Nate Blanton says that shouldn’t stop an act of kindness, it should fuel it.
Which is why he asked his coach to help.

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“We always do service projects and I contacted him the night that I thought of it and asked if he would want to help me do it and he thought it was a great idea. And so we started planning that night and we asked our school, a lot of the churches around our town, they all pitched in and did a real great job helping us gather supplies,” Branton said.

“There’s people that still don’t have power at their houses, there’s people that don’t have a roof over their houses, people that can’t even eat. They rely on school meals to eat. So this alone just the food, the supplies, the clothes makes a huge huge difference in our community,” New Hanover High school baseball player Alex Sniffen said.

After bringing all the supplies, the two teams got lunch together and went to the homecoming game for New Hanover.