Seeking Bigfoot: Investigator believes Sasquatch lurks in NC national forest

Greene's "Squeaky Thermal" video appears to show a figure in white grabbing his candy bar before retreating in the woods (Photo: WFMY)

TROY, NC (WFMY) — Follow the footsteps of a North Carolina legend. They’ll lead to dead ends, revealing more questions than answers in a mystery that has stumped even naysayers for centuries — the search for Sasquatch.

That quest for clues often takes Bigfoot enthusiasts to Montgomery County. Nestled in the wilderness is an outlier on the outskirts of civilization — the Eldorado Outpost.

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Step inside this local fixture, and a visitor will find anything an adventurer needs — and a need to know the truth.

“I was quite surprised there was a research team in the Uwharrie (National Forest) looking for Bigfoot,” said Outpost owner Chris Cagle.

The store is outfitted with Sasquatch souvenirs — from statues, to bumper stickers, to T-shirts.

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