Bond between donkey, emu may make adoption difficult

Jack and Diane, a donkey and emu that refuse to be separated (Photo: Carolina Waterfowl Rescue)

CHARLOTTE, NC (AP/WWAY) — A North Carolina animal shelter says the close bond between a donkey and an emu that can barely stand to be separated may complicate an adoption.

The Charlotte Observer reports the male donkey and female emu were rescued from Kershaw, South Carolina when their owner suddenly vanished last week. Jennifer Gordon of nonprofit Carolina Waterfowl Rescue near Charlotte says the owner also left behind other animals.

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She says the shelter tried separating them. But the donkey cried and the emu became frantic.

She says the donkey doesn’t even like the shelter’s other donkeys. She says the two cuddle and sleep together. She says they can’t be separated, so someone needs to adopt both animals and “that may not be easy.”

The shelters has since named the duo Jack and Diane.

They are not going to split them up and will not be transferring them to another rescue, because they don’t think it’s in their best interest to move them multiple times.

They’re looking for someone who can offer a permanent home, away from other donkeys or other emus.

The rescue says you can apply online and must sent photos of your farm to to accompany the application.