Pender County will not remove debris from unpaved roads


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Debris still lines the roads in Pender County. The county decided Monday that they will not be picking up debris on unpaved roads.

“We feel like we’re discriminated against because we pay taxes, and yet they won’t pick up the debris but they’ll pick it up on the main roads,” said Charles Johnson, who lives in the Deer Run subdivision in Surf City.

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Pender County will not pick up debris there because the roads are unpaved.

“And they said ‘We’ll pick it up. We won’t pick it up. We’ll pick it up. We won’t pick it up,'” said Johnson.

During this week’s Pender County Commission meeting, Commissioner David Williams made a motion to use county funds to remove debris from the unpaved roads.

The motion did not pass.

“Right now, it just came down to the issue of whether we could spread ourselves thinner than what we are right now. And it was a financial decision to say ‘No, we just cannot extend ourselves that far,'” said Commission Chairman George Brown.

Brown says the county could get reimbursed by FEMA, but they are not sure how long that would take.

“Having to put the money up front to take care of those additional roads, was a lot for the commissioners to have to take in at this time with all the money that has been put out so far. With all that being said it was a tough decision,” said Brown.

Johnson says his neighborhood has already spent thousands on private contractors for debris removal.

“If they would just reimburse us the money that we paid to have the debris hauled out, we would have no problem with it,” said Johnson.

At this point, Johnson is frustrated by the lack of communication from the county.

Brown says apologizes to residents for the lack of funding. He encourages people to try to move their debris to a main, paved road so it can be picked up.