Local reaction after the passing of comic book icon Stan Lee

Shop co-owner Ben Motsinger at Memory Lane Comics (Andrew James, WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)  – The man, the myth, the legend, Stan Lee has passed away.
We went to see how his death impacts those who make a living admiring his handy work.

Memory Lane Comics fills their walls with all things comics, Marvel included. From Spider-Man on the front page, to a life-size manikin of the web slinger, the store carries several of Lee’s key characters.

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Ben Motsinger co-owns the space and says Lee made this all a reality. He says the icon will no doubt be honored and surely missed.

“He is a guy that created all these people,” said Motsinger. “If you know nothing or it’s almost like it doesn’t matter what country you’re from or where you are, you know about Spiderman. That’s kind of his lasting legacy. He is a legend because he created a legacy that will last forever.”

Outside of comics, Stan Lee left his mark on the Wilmington area when marvel filmed portions of Iron Man 3 here. Lee’s passing comes just months after his counterpart at Marvel Steve Ditko. Ditko, Jack Kirby as well as Lee as were key in the development and success of Spider-Man. Now all have passed away.

Motsinger says what Lee did to the characters will be his lasting legacy. He says the fact that Lee integrated real life problems in between the superheroes saving of the day, that made them relatable and made them more than just a character in a book for solely children to read.