Vandals strike work on New Bern Christmas displays


It’s the most wonderful time of the year but Beary Merry Christmas volunteers are disappointed after learning someone has messed with their hard work.

While decorations just started going up on Friday, they’ve already had people ignoring the caution tape around the decorations. Surveillance video shows people going right under the caution tape to look at the decorations. Someone even rearranged some animal decorations to make a lewd and inappropriate scene, which broke one of their brand new and expensive deer decorations.

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Surveillance video has captured instances where people have crossed the caution tape where work is being done on the Beary Merry Christmas decorations. (Photo: WCTI)

“I mean I just don’t understand, it’s frustrating,” said Amanda Banks with Beary Merry Christmas. “You know we’re here for our community and that’s why we do this. We are not going let these folks who want to be the Grinches of our town ruin what we have so we are going to be protective.”

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