Government shutdown puts historical site’s biggest event in jeopardy


CURRIE, NC (WWAY) — The government shutdown continues to halt businesses throughout the country. For one local historical site, the shutdown means the site cannot open at all.

“It could be a year. That’s ridiculous. We can’t do anything,” said Connie Hendrix, the President of The Moore’s Creek Battleground Association.

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First a hurricane, now a government shutdown. Hendrix says the battleground’s biggest event is at stake if the shutdown does not let up.

“We were close to doing our walk-throughs for the 243rd anniversary, but we can’t do anything now because we’re not allowed to go into the park,” said Hendrix.

The anniversary is scheduled for late February. Moore’s Creek suffered major flooding from Hurricane Florence.

Hendrix says the recovery has been slow and steady, but with the shutdown, nobody can even get on the property.

“We’re just on hold, hoping that the government will cut this short and we can get back to work soon, because we’ve got a lot of work to do between now and the 23rd of February,” said Hendrix.

Now, they just have to wait. For Hendrix, she just hopes there is a resolution sooner rather than later.

Right now, according to Hendrix, the association cannot even meet on the battleground.

She says the anniversary of the battleground usually draws groups from all around the state.