Over 500 men & women gear up to get certified


CASTLE HAYNE, NC (WWAY) — More than 500 men and women from across North Carolina geared up for the annual firefighter training at the Pender County Firefighters Safety College on CFCC’s North Campus.

CFCC and Pender County Firefighters Association hosts this training three times a year to teach and prepare for emergency response. It includes a weekend of hands-on lessons from apparatus work to driving certifications. This unique facility draws experts from around the nation and produces the state’s best first responders.

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“[We teach] everything from firefighter certification like basic things that you would imagine a firefighter does like ropes, ladders, hoses all that type of thing to emergency vehicle driving, pumping, operating firetrucks,” said CFCC’s Fire & Rescue Coordinator Norman Hinkle.

To learn more about public safety courses offered CFCC North located at 4500 Blue Clay Road in Castle Hayne, visit cfcc.edu/publicsafety .