Government shutdown impacts students seeking financial aid


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The longest government shutdown in US history has now entered 25 days, and government workers aren’t the only ones being affected.

WWAY met with UNCW Scholarships and Financial Aid director Frederick Holding to see how the shutdown could impact students seeking financial aid.

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He says only a small number students starting school this semester that haven’t yet completed their FAFSA could be affected.

He says in most cases though, there are ways to get around any potential issues.

He says an unrelated IRS system upgrade did create some confusion among applicants.

“Students who were selected for verification could not go out and request tax return transcripts,” said Holding. “So because of that coincidence, I think most people feel like that’s related to the shutdown. So students couldn’t get a transcript, then they might not be able to complete the financial aid process.”

Holding says that upgrade was set to be completed Monday.

He says if you have any concerns about financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office at your institution.