Owner finds strangers grilling out at Topsail Island vacation home


TOPSAIL ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — Imagine getting a call that someone was grilling out on the deck of your vacation home while you aren’t even there. That’s exactly what happened to one man who has a vacation house on Topsail Island.

Joe McGovern lives in Maryland. He says his house was under construction after Florence, but those workers had left.

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McGovern says he got quite the unexpected call the other day from a friend who was driving by his house and noticed something strange.

“She said, ‘Hey Joe, the lights are on and there are people hanging out on your deck barbecuing and having cocktails,’ I was like, ‘Well, that’s not cool because no one’s supposed to be there. No one invited me,'” McGovern said.

McGovern says the police found four men who had set up camp in his home. Thankfully, officers made them leave.