New rules could impact 2019 tax filing process


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Tax season starts tomorrow. There are a few things people need to keep in mind when it arrives.

This year tax filers have to follow the Path Act, which requires a background check if you’re claiming dependents. This could cause some delays in the filing process.

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Tax season ends on March 15 for businesses, and April 15 for individuals. You have until April 15 to file for an extension.

“You’re going to be affected by the Path Act where your refund could be mid to late February coming in and you really need some money today. If you have some bills especially after the holidays, we offer a refund advance. There is no cost for this. There is no interest, and it’s up to $3,000,” said local H&R Block Enrolled Agent Sherry Dunn.

Dunn reminds people that when it comes to taxes, it’s always better to act sooner than later.